Positions Available Per Bingo Date & Their Descriptions
12 total per bingo **
**masks are mandatory for all volunteers in the bingo hall

Chairperson (1)  Organizes the volunteers upon arrival and makes sure everyone knows their job. Oversees the volunteers during the event, and assists them as necessary. Assists the staff in the office.  This position requires someone who is familiar with most jobs at bingos.

Bonanza Controller (1) Keeps track of all bonanza tickets and money going out to the sellers and coming in from the winnings.

Paymaster (1)  Sells Earlybird cards. Keeps track and gives out the cash prizes for the bingo games. Usually, best if this is an experienced bingo worker and knows how the games work, but if you are good with money, go for it!

Balls controller (1) Keeps track of all balls tickets and money going out to sellers and money coming in from the winnings.

Ball sellers- floor (4)  Sells balls tickets on the floor. $1 each. Redeem customer's winning tickets with more balls tickets or with cash. This is a high pace job--these tickets are in very high demand sometimes so workers need to be able to hustle and work quickly.

Bonanza sellers - floor (4) Sells cards on the floor. They are either $1 or $2 each. Circulate the floor to sell and also call back bingo's (in a nice loud voice, tell the bingo caller the number on the customer's winning bingo card), and when verified, bring the money back to the customer..