Bingo Policy

Who has to work the mandatory bingo?

  • All Families with only 1 player at Under 7 (Discovery, JR & SR) have 1 Bingo commitment
  • All Families with only 1 player at Under 9, Under 11 or Under 13 have 2 Bingo commitments
  • All Families with 2 or more players in any division have a maximum of 4 Bingo commitments
    • Casino shifts = 1 commitment

Who is exempt from working bingo?

  • U7: Head Coach & Manager - One Volunteer Credit
  • U9 - U13: Head Coach & Manager - Two Volunteer Credits
  • Board Members

What is the procedure for booking the mandatory bingo?

  • Sign up for a Bingo by selecting one of the available slots here
  • Deposit Cheques (Undated and payable to St Charles Hockey Club) or Credit Card authorization
    • Each bingo commitment - $250
  • Cheques will be collected at evaluations by the directors. Failure to provide your cheque will result in your child missing the last evaluation skate.
  • If you have not provided a deposit cheque and signed up for a bingo/volunteer commitment, your child will not be allowed on the ice when the season begins.
  • It is your responsibility to record which date your bingo/volunteer commitment occurs.
  • A reminder is sent out approximately two weeks prior to the bingo date. After this reminder occurs there will be no further reminders sent out.
  • Failure to fill your volunteer requirement will result in your cheque being cashed within 48 hours of your bingo commitment.
  • If the Bingo slots are full, you must sign up for one or more (depending on how many commitments need fulfilling) of the following volunteer commitments. Please keep in mind that if you are signing up for any of these positions, you will need to be flexible with the time of the volunteer commitment:
    • Minor Hockey Week Chairperson (January)
    • Hockey Tournament (TBD)

What is the procedure for working the mandatory bingo?

  • Bingos are from 4:30 pm till Midnight at Castledowns Bingo Hall (12222 137 Avenue)
  • You are unable to leave the bingo hall at any time during your shift.
  • All workers must be 18 years of age.
  • Dinner is provided during your scheduled break-time. Max $15.
  • Failure to show up for your shift will result in your bingo deposit being cashed within 48 hours.
  • If your bingo cheque does not clear the bank, your child will not be allowed on the ice.

For inquiries regarding Bingos please email our Bingo Director Amanda Ramage at