About Us

The St. Charles Hockey Club takes pride in the way we foster player development, encourage sportsmanship, and ensure our players have an enjoyable and rewarding experience playing hockey with our club.

About the St. Charles Hockey Club page imageThe St. Charles Hockey Club was formed and continues to exist as a way to help children and young adults learn about the game of hockey, learn sportsmanship, learn teamwork and enjoy themselves. We have teams at several different levels, and encourage you to get more information about them.

St. Charles is an organization made up of great volunteers who donate countless hours of their time to make the club run in a professional manner. Without the closeness of the kids and the parents this club would not be able to function in the way it does. Although we do put together competitive teams and try to win games when we can, the main focus is put on being the best you can, playing as a team, commitment to the game and above all to have fun.

A note from the Parish Manager…

At St. Charles we believe that the kids come first. We are not just hockey teams that are out to win games, we are out to build friendships and character. There are many kids that join hockey to score goals, but when the kids move on from St. Charles they have learned the values of commitment, respect, hard work, and have made many friends that last a lifetime. Although the kids are in the rinks at least twice a week, the parents are also there and have made their share of friendships. Parents have made the effort to bring their kids to the rink, but most would not miss this time as it is a great way to enjoy a coffee, watching your kids learn the skills of hockey, and having a lively conversation with the other parents.